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For the Family

"Whether you are new to the road or a seasoned driver, Skid Control School is the best course for every driver in your family."



Whether you are new to the road or a seasoned driver, Skid Control School offers you a unique training experience and the best safe driving course.

We invest in golf, skating or music lessons to expand our performance and enjoyment of a leisure activity. Why wouldn't we want to improve our skill at operating a motor vehicle? Advanced driver training improves the knowledge, skills and motivation you need to be fully aware and in control within an increasingly chaotic traffic environment. Whether you are a car enthusiast or a reluctant commuter, Skid Control School can give you the tools for safer, more enjoyable driving. The ultimate goal is the same for all of us. Get there and get there safely.

"I thought I knew more than I did and I couldn't believe how fast the car spun around. The Skid Control School trainer was very patient and we took it step by step until I was handling two huge skids in a row. I couldn't believe it. Thanks for everything!"
Nancy B., Markham

"The day course was way more than I expected. The experience in real skid cars on the skid track is amazing. Now this is skid training! I'm sending my wife next and then my son, as soon as he gets his licence." David B., Kitchener


This One Day Course is a group format.

Now is the time to experience Skid Control School. December 2015 is the last opportunity to attend general public programs. Gift certificates are not available. Reservations are subject to availability at the time of reservation. Quantity limited.

Emergency braking methods with and without ABS rounds out this value packed day. With a premium placed on behind-the-wheel training, the One Day Course also includes the all important driver check-up in traffic.
Fee: $499.00 + HST per driver.


Ready to register?

  1. Check your schedule carefully.
  2. Know the names and addresses for each driver. Review the waiver/disclaimer information outlined on the FAQ page.
  3. Contact us to know current date availability.
  4. Thirty days notice is required to re-schedule.
  5. Please have your Visa or Mastercard handy if you wish to secure a reservation.

Training is delivered in a group format. Certain eligibility qualifications may apply to ensure suitability to participate in a group format.

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